Ungru, Hiiumaa

Ungru is an exceptional and award-winning dog-friendly fine-dining restaurant on the island of Hiiumaa in Estonia. We have been to Ungru twice and had a fabulous time on both occasions and were so happy that they take dogs, thus it is very highly recommended. In fact, our second visit to Hiiumaa was based purely on going back to Ungru, so that should indicate how highly recommended it is!

First to the food. Ungru uses many local and seasonal ingredients in the limited but expertly designed menu, which usually consists of two or three starters, mains and desserts, but the quality and craftsmanship are amazing. While we thoroughly enjoyed all the food, some stand-out dishes were the “Organic Hiiumaa beef tartar”, “Smoked Beetroot carpaccio & Goat Cheese”, and the “Pike cutlet” (on or first visit in summer 2023) and the “Local perch Beurre Noisette”, “Local pike fillet ballotine”, and “Low-cooked pork belly” in summer 2024. The quality and freshness of the ingredients really stood out and each perfectly prepared element on each dish, of which there were many, played their part perfectly in creating a truly unique and delicious work of culinary art.

Next to the drinks. We enjoyed some delicious cocktails, very well-kept local beers, excellent glasses of wine, and some excellent homemade digestifs. All the drinks were prepared and served well, and the prices were again reasonable.

Now importantly, to the pet-policy and ambience. Ungru welcomes all furry friends, there is plenty of space for them, and they offered us water for Bertie. All in all, the picturesque location, atmosphere, and ample space make Ungru a lovely space for both two-legged and four-legged customers.

As I think is obvious from the above, Ungru is worth a visit just for the excellent and original food, however, the location, décor and atmosphere, and welcoming, knowledgeable and efficient staff make this a very special place, and the very reasonable prices just seal the deal!

To conclude, if you are visiting Hiiumaa with or without furry companions, Ungru is a must visit. Alternatively, as we did on our second visit, or use Ungru as an excuse to go and see the beautiful island of Hiiumaa. Either way, this dog-friendly fine-dining restaurant on the island of Hiiumaa is not to be missed!

Number of Visits2
Last VisitJune 2024
Dog PolicyAll dogs welcome
Author: BTB