About this Site (and Us)

This website was designed after two long-time food lovers became new dog owners. We found it hard to find information about dog-friendly restaurants, and therefore hoped this site would be useful for others with dogs. But even if no one reads it, we also felt it could serve as a good place to store our memories before we go senile! Since starting this site, we have created a sister site with delicious recipes inspired by our travels: noonoosnibbles.com

We are both food and drink lovers with a lot of experience dining out around the world. We have lived in the U.K., Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and are now living in Finland (since August 2019). We have also travelled quite extensively and usually plan our destinations/trips around the restaurants and bars on offer.

While we are both professional teachers, we have both worked in the hospitality industry, and also love to cook. Nevertheless, we do not consider ourselves experts in any way, but do think we have a good knowledge of food and have quite high/realistic expectations when eating out.

Rating System

  • We do not post bad reviews

    • Even though we use a 5-star rating system, if we have visited a place once and had a bad experience, we give the establishment the benefit of the doubt and presume we “caught them on a bad night”.

    • In this case, we will list the restaurant/bar on this site (without rating) to give others the chance to try it out with their furry friend themselves.

Information Included in Our Reviews

Number of Visits: How many times we have been there. If we have only been once, it just means we have not had chance to go back or have been trying out different places.

Last Visit: We try to be accurate here so readers can judge how up to date the information is.

Dog Policy: We are not always sure about the exact policy, so listings can include:

All dogs welcome:                      We confirmed that all dogs are welcome.
Small dogs welcome:                 Due to space issues, only small dogs accepted.
Our dog was welcome:             We just asked “can we come in with our dog”

Website(s): We have included the website URL as available at the time.

Comments and Feedback

If you have visited any of the places reviewed and have had similar or different experiences, we would love to hear from you (email via this site), especially if you went with a dog.

If you have been to a place in any of the cities listed here, but which is not reviewed here, we would also welcome any information or viewpoints

Personal Recommendations

  • If you want any restaurant or hotel recommendations from our “pre-dog-ownership” and “pre-covid” days, we have a lot of fairly recent experience in the following cities:
    • Tokyo (lived there for over 10 years until August 2019)
    • Bangkok (visited multiple times, most recently 2018 and 2019)
    • Vielha: Northern Spain (visited multiple times, most recently 2019 and 2020)
    • Mumbai (visited multiple times, most recently 2017 and 2018)
  • Just email us and we can send you some recommendations