Hell Hunt – Bar/Pub in Tallinn

Hell Hunt is a very friendly, comfortable and relaxing dog-friendly pub that offers quite a few interesting draft beers, plenty of bottled and canned beers, wines by the glass or bottle, and a wide range of spirits. They also offer quite an extensive range of bar food and snacks, but we have only eaten here once – usually just go for drinks, so our knowledge of the food is extremely limited.

We always go here when visiting Tallin, so given that we have been to Tallinn 3 or 4 times, we have been to Hell Hunt a number of times. As noted above, we mainly go just for a couple beer and the occasional after dinner digestive, but have always had a very pleasant time.

As for the drinks, we have only ever had the draft beers (some German lagers/pilsners and Guinness), and a couple local spirits and digestives, all of which are excellent and very reasonably priced (about €5 for a 0.5L beer, and between €3 and 5 for a spirit).

In terms of the food, our experience is very limited as we have only eaten here once, and then just shared one main at lunch time. We tried to local blood sausage and were very pleasantly surprised (we did not think we would like it). The food was served piping hot, the sausage was delicious, and the sides were great. We have seen other people eating and the food looks and smells good, so give it a try if you rock up here with a thirst and a hunger.

Next, the staff at Hell Hunt have always been friendly and dogs are welcome! The service is relaxed but efficient and we have never had to wait or struggled to get served, even when they have been busy.

All up, if you are looking for a relaxing place for some good drinks, and maybe some good quality bar food while in Tallinn, then Hell Hunt is an excellent choice.

Number of VisitsMore than 5
Last VisitOctober 2022
Dog PolicyAll dogs welcome
Author: BTB