Cafe Anton

A very comfortable and relaxing dog-friendly pub that offers a limited selection of bar food, along with a selection of draft beers and ciders, plenty of bottled beers, some wines by the glass, spirits, and various cocktails.

We did not really eat here other than the chicken wings, and only had the draft beer and a couple cocktails, so this review is very limited. However, we very much enjoyed the atmosphere, and they welcomed our dog. We went here on our first evening in Pori and at lunchtime the next day and enjoyed both visits very much. In the evening the bar was very lively and fun and offered live music, then at lunch it was quieter and more relaxing. Each visit offered exactly what we wanted at each time.

The pub has a relaxing and cosy atmosphere, and the draft beers we tried (1 Finnish lager and a Guinness) were very good. We also had a perfectly pleasant G&T and a very nice Aperol Spritz. The drinks range in price, but the beers were around €7 to €8 for half a litre and the cocktails were around €8 to €9 each.

As I say, we did not eat here (except for having a snack of chicken wings, which were perfectly pleasant) because the food selection did not grab us, and we had a couple other places in mind that offered more of what we were looking for (see reviews).

If you are looking for a relaxing place for a drink or two (or more), with or without a furry friend, and maybe some bar food, this place is a very good option. We will definitely be going back on our next trip to Pori.

Number of Visits2
Last VisitNovember 2020
Dog Policy

Our dog was welcome (we did not ask about the policy)

Author: BTB