Casa Nostra (Italian Restaurant), Riga

Like the Italian restaurant Pompei in Tartu, we have only visited Casa Nostra once but were very happy to have found such comfortable dog-friendly Italian restaurant in Riga with delicious food from a traditional style menu. Our experience is very limited, but we still highly recommend Casa Nostra to anyone in Riga looking for comforting and authentic Italian food, especially those with furry friends.

First, the staff were extremely friendly and efficient, and the general level of service was wonderful. We were not hurried, were able to order what we wanted when we wanted it,and received great recommendations regarding both food and drinks.

Next, as to the drinks, as I have left this review too long, we do not remember exactly what we had, nor can I remember the exact prices, but everything seemed very reasonable. I think we started with a couple Aperol Spritz, but not 100% sure, however, I do know that we enjoyed some lovely cold and fresh beers, and a couple delicious glasses of red wine.

Now to the main event; the excellent and authentic food. To start, we went with the Vitello Tonnato (Veal with Tuna & Anchovy Sauce), which is one of our favourite Italian starters, and Casa Nostra’s was as good as we have had, and better than many.  The meat was very soft, tender and flavoursome, the sauce (Tuna, Mayonnaise, Capers, Anchovies) was tart and full of wonderful flavours, and the added capers and parsley topped it off a treat.  I do not remember the price but based on current menu listing it is €13.50.

Next, we shared a very good Autunno pizza (tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, fresh cherry tomatoes, red onions, parmesan cheese) for an extremely reasonable price (€9.40 currently). The base was chewy and crispy at the same time, the sauce fresh and vibrant, with a perfect amount and balance of toppings. To finish, we shared a wonderful pasta ala Norma (tomato and eggplant) for around €10. This was the first time we have had this in a restaurant, so I have nothing to compare it against other than my own version, but it was deliciously rich and garlicky, and far superior to my own (which I think is pretty damn good with by the way). We would have eaten more, but we had enjoyed a large lunch that day at Domini Canes.

As noted, the above prices come from the current website, but out  total bill was €103, which we think is great value. Given the high-quality and authentic food, the lovely atmosphere, and great staff who welcomed our dog, we will definitely be going back to Casa Nostra next time we are in Riga.

Number of Visits1
Last VisitJune 2022
Dog PolicyAll dogs welcome
Author: BTB