Tensai Ramen, Rotterdam

We have been to Tensai Ramen twice for lunch and were extremely happy with the quality and taste of the food and drinks on both occasions. This excellent dog-friendly ramen restaurant in Rotterdam states that they serve “authentic Japanese home-made ramen”. However, while many of the dishes are similar to what you would find in the ramen shops of Japan, some have a more modern or European twist, which is definitely not a bad thing. Either way, as long-time ramen lovers who lived in Japan for nearly 15 years, we were ecstatic to find a dog-friendly ramen shop in Rotterdam, especially as it was better than many places we ate at in Japan.

First to the atmosphere, especially a couple of details about those going with furry friends. The restaurant is simply decorated but comfortable, and there is plenty of space for you and your pets. For example, there are booth style tables against the windows, which are suitable if you have a small dog like us, but there are also other tables with plenty of floor space for larger dogs, and they also have a terrace outside which is perfect for summer, with or without a furry friend. All up, a great space for those dining with pets.

Next, to the food (sorry to keep you waiting), which as noted above, was excellent (but we have very limited experience of their menu). On both occasions we each had our favourite type of ramen dish; spicy Miso Ramen and were not disappointed. This style of ramen, which is most similar to the Sapporo Miso Ramen style, comes under many names and variations, but the one here was called (Karashibi Miso Ramen). It was a good as many we have had in Japan, and in fact better than moist we had over our time living there. The spicy miso broth (soup) was rich, creamy, and full of flavour, the home-made noodles were delicious with a perfect texture, and the toppings, including the pork, were excellent. On our second visit, we also shared some fantastic Karage (Japanese deep fried chicken), and again this was up there with some of the best we had while in Japan. It was crispy yet tender, very flavoursome, and not greasy, plus the non-traditional slightly spicy mayonnaise that accompanied it was excellent.

If we had one small complaint about the ramen, it was that it could have been a bit hotter (temperature); while it was hot, it was not “molten” like you would expect in Japan. However, our biggest complaint, and this is a biggy for us, is that they do not serve Gyoza (anymore)! For us, ramen and gyoza go hand-in-hand, you should not have one without the other. Nevertheless, the ramen and karage were so good, we can forgive this, and will definitely be going back on our next trip to Rotterdam.

In terms of drinks, we have only had a couple beers each time; the first time we had the Kirin, the second we had Heineken. The beers were good, but we are not fans of the European made version of Kirin, and it was not served as icy cold as it is in Japan, hence we opted for the Heinekin the second time.

I cannot remember the prices, and there is no online menu I can find, but the bill on our first visit (August 2022) was €35.50 for 2 bowls of ramen and two Kirins. I must have paid cash the second time (February 2023), so am not sure, but I think the ramen was around €14.50, the karage about €7, and beers about €3.5. Either way, given the overall quality and dog-friendliness, very reasonable in our opinion.

So, if you are in Rotterdam and want to enjoy excellent ramen (we can only speak to the Spicy Miso version) and possibly some interesting and tasty snack or sides in a comfortable dog-friendly space, then Tensai Ramen is highly recommended. All up, an excellent dog-friendly ramen restaurant in Rotterdam!

Number of Visits2
Last VisitFebruary 2023
Dog PolicyAll Dogs Welcome
Author: BTB