Brasserie Jules (Modern French-Inspired Food), Rotterdam

We have always very much enjoyed our experience at Brasserie Jules, a dog-friendly restaurant in Rotterdam, on the four times we went during our two visits to Rotterdam. We have been twice for lunch/snacks, once for dinner, and once just for drinks. Brasserie Jules is a very comfortable dog-friendly restaurant with a menu “inspired by French cuisine with a contemporary twist”, but it also offers some traditional Dutch options and plenty of well-served and interesting drinks.

The restaurant is located in Rotterdam’s World Trade Center, and is only a few minutes’ walk from the NH Atlanta Hotel and Served coffee shop. The inside is very comfortable with plenty of space for furry friends, and the terrace is a lovely spot offering plenty of space, shade from the sun, and great place for a bit of people watching.

I do not remember everything we had, and what we did have represents just a fraction of their great offerings. Nevertheless, we have always found the food to be very tasty and well-prepared, the drinks cold and fresh, and the staff and atmosphere lovely and very dog-friendly, thus, Brasserie Jules comes highly recommended.  

In terms of food, we have enjoyed their Bitterballen (currently €7 for 6 pieces), the Flammkuchen original (€11), French Fries (€5) a couple times and found all of them to be great. We have little experience with Dutch food, but the Bitterballen were better than we have had in a few other places as they tasted more homemade/less mass produced, and the Flammkuchen was crispy and delicious with just the right amount of good quality toppings (ham, spring onion, crème fraiche and Gruyère). Other food we thoroughly enjoyed on our trip for dinner included the smaller serving of mushroom risotto (€13), and the prawns, which while delicious, were a little pricey (€15) given the portion size. Our parents also had some other dishes, but they finished those before we arrived, so I am not sure what they had, but they seemed perfectly pleased with what they ordered. All in all, based on our experiences, Brasserie Jules offers a wide choice of very good food (two all day menus: Breakfast and Lunch and Dinner) at consistent standards, thus definitely worth a visit if you are in the area, or worth a trip if you are not.

As for drinks, we have mainly stuck to the draft beer (Swinckels’) at about €3.50 for a glass and have always found it fresh, cold and well-kept. However, we have also enjoyed a couple cocktails and red wine, again, everything was great and reasonably priced in our opinion. Either way, they offer a wide selection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, so there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Overall, if you and your furry companion(s) are in Rotterdam hankering for some very good French-inspired food or some more traditional Dutch snacks served in very a comfortable dog-friendly restaurant in Rotterdam by welcoming and efficient staff, then Brasserie Jules is a great option. As noted, if you are staying at the NH Atlanta hotel and arrive in Rotterdam quite late, Brasserie Jules is a fantastic option also. Just to note, the restaurant is open daily from 8am to 10pm.

Number of Visits4
Last VisitFebruary 2023
Dog PolicyAll dogs welcome
Author: BTB