Fotografiska – Photographic Museum, Tallinn

We have only been here once, but had a wonderful time, and were super happy that they allowed dogs, so we will definitely go back.  For people visiting (or living) in Tallinn with furry friends, we strongly recommend a visit here because (a) it is a very enjoyable place to go, and (b) any museum that allows pets should be supported in our opinion.

First, in terms of non-exhibit issues, the staff were very friendly and efficient, and the space itself is easy to get around with pets. In terms of location, the museum is in a really interesting setting; set in an old industrial area which has been repurposed to offer a range of restaurants and bars, some shops, and a few small businesses. It is great to see this kind of forward thinking, because otherwise, this area could have easily become run down and “no go” area. Also, it is only a couple minutes-walk to the tram stop (and I think bus stops), and is close to the Balti Jaama Turg market. Given all of this, there are many options to do before or after your visit to the museum.

Next, as for the exhibitions, I will not go into too much detail as “art is in the eye of the beholder, but will state that as the admission price of (we paid €12, but prices range from €12-17 depending on time and date) gives access to four exhibitions, we thought it was excellent value. On our visit the four exhibitions were collections from Andy Warhol, Cho Gi-Seok, Frank Ockenfels, and photos from various Estonian artists relating to the treatment/place in society of people with special mental needs. As I say, I will not comment on the art as is this is so subjective, but the lay out and narration was excellent, and we had a wonderful time.

As noted above, given the fact that dogs are welcome in the museum, it is situated in a great location, the value for money, and excellent standard of the exhibitions, we will definitely be going back, and highly recommend it for those with or without furry friends.

Number of Visits1
Last VisitOctober 2022
Dog PolicyAll dogs welcome
Author: BTB