Local Buses: Pori

Again, we have limited experience here (have only been to Pori once) but were pleased with the dog-friendly service offered by the Pori public bus company (Porin Linjat).

There is no charge for pets, the buses seemed quite frequent and punctual (ours were a few minutes late at most), and there were plenty of bus stops around the city. In terms of buying tickets, you can buy a single or return ticket (which is what we bought) from the driver using cash (no cards), or use the Kyyti likel App. I think we paid €5.50 each for a return ticket to the beach/port area, but I am not sure of the exact price. The company has 1 to 3-day tourist tickets (unlimited travel within the city), but we are not sure how much they cost as the website seems to only be in Finnish and we did not download the App (which also seems only to be available in Finnish).

Number of Journeys1 Return
Last JourneyNovember 2020
Dog PolicyAll dogs welcome unless a passenger has allergies and objects
Author: BTB