Myllärit (Scandinavian Restaurant), Tampere

Myllärit is a lovely dog-friendly restaurant located 5 or 10 minutes’ walk from Tampere train station and the Nokia Arena. We have only been to Myllärit a couple times for the Pinchos during the “Tamperrada Pintxo Week”, so again our experience and knowledge is very limited. However, based on our experiences, the fact that they are so dog-friendly, and that the food looks and smells amazing, we keep meaning to go back for a proper dinner, but have not done so for some unexplainable reason.

The restaurant is a lovely old building and offers a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for guests with or without furry friends.  Myllärit offers a somewhat limited selection of high-quality, interesting and delicious sounding food and a decent selection of good quality drinks. As noted, we have only been here a couple times for the Pinchos during the “Tamperrada Pintxo Week”, but we thoroughly enjoyed the pinchos and ranked them as some of the best we tried.  The only reason we have not been back is that there are so any places to try in Tampere.

As we have not experienced food from the main menu, I will just describe the food in general terms.  Like Bistro Katilla and Piemonte, Myllärit serves a somewhat limited a la carte dinner menu but as it changes quite regularly, unless you are going very often, you will always have new and interesting dishes to try. Myllärit usually offers 6 choices for each course and there are usually a few vegetarian options. Starters range from about €9 to €15 and mains from €30 to €40, so it is not the cheapest place, but worth it considering the quality of ingredients and effort put into each dish. In addition, Myllärit also offers a changing lunch menu on weekdays with 3 or 4 options for a very reasonable €12.70.

Next, as for drinks, they serve a somewhat limited selection of draught beers but also offer plenty of bottled and canned beers, some very nice wines by the glass and bottle, cocktails, and other drinks. We enjoyed very tasty and well-served draught beers and lovely glasses of red wine on our visits. All of the drinks are reasonably/typically priced, for example, a draught beer is around €8 and glasses of wine start at around €9.

All up, while our experience is clearly very limited, we were very impressed with the atmosphere, staff, and food and drinks on offer in this extremely dog-friendly restaurant in Tampere. Therefore, we highly recommend Myllärit to those with or without furry companions, and we will definitely be heading back for another visit soon. In the meantime, feel free to share your experience with us via the “contact” form.

Number of Visits2 (For Pinchos)
Last VisitSeptember 2022
Dog PolicyAll dogs welcome
Author: BTB