Dog-friendly pub in Tampere

Sailor’s Bar & Grill

Sailor’s is a very comfortable and relaxing dog-friendly (Koiraystävällinen) pub in Tampere that offers a few interesting draft beers, some bottled and canned beers, wines by the glass or bottle, and a wide range of spirits. They also offer a somewhat limited selection of tasty bar food and snacks. Like Gastropub Nordic and Tuulensuu, Sailor’s is part of the Gastropub group.

We have been here many times, sometimes just for a beer, often for a beer and chips, and from time-to-time for some of their other food, for example, the Fish and Chips, and one of the Hot Dogs.

As for the drinks, we have only ever had the draft beers (Stella, some German lagers/Pilsner, and an IPA), all of which are excellent, but our friend said the red wine she had by the glass was also very good.

In terms of the food, our experience is a bit limited, for example, we have not tried their lovely sounding (and smelling) sausages, but we have always enjoyed what we have ordered. First, we have had the fish and chips many times, and have always found the fish to be very tasty and not greasy, unlike some we have tried. The portion size is generous, especially given the price (€12.50), and includes a good portion of crispy chips, crunchy battered cod, garden peas, and garlic mayonnaise. We were especially happy that they had taken the (considerable) trouble of tracking down Sarson’s Malt Vinegar to go with the fish and chips. Next, often like us, if you just want some chips, the portion of chips (€5) is also VERY generous and they are always nice and crispy and come with garlic mayonnaise and/or ketchup. Lastly, the only other dishes we have tried are the very tasty New York Hot Dog (€7) which consisted of a pleasant pretzel style bun, a quality Bratwurst, tangy sauerkraut, and mustard, and the Finnish meatballs, which were also very good and came with chips and pickles.

As we only give good reviews, I know we always praise the staff, but the staff at Sailors are extremely friendly! The service is relaxed but very helpful, and every time we leave, we always seem to comment on how great the staff are.  

If you are looking for a relaxing dog-friendly pub in Tampere for some good drinks, and maybe some good quality bar food made with pride, Sailor’s is an excellent choice.

Number of VisitsMore than 20
Last VisitMay 2023
Dog PolicyAll dogs welcome
Author: BTB