Pub Simon

This is another very comfortable and relaxing dog-friendly pub in Tampere that offers a few draft beers and ciders, wines by the glass, cocktails, plus a fairly extensive range of bottled beers, canned beers, and spirits. They also offer a pretty good selection of bar food and snacks. Also, the pub has a small selection of board games that are free to use.

We have only had a few snacks here (chicken wings, chips, and toastie) and have only ever had the draft beer, so this review is quite limited. However, we wanted to add a review because we have always enjoyed going here for a drink, the food was simple but tasty and cheap, and they have always welcomed our dog.

The staff are very nice and friendly and they always offer our dog water. The pub has a relaxing and cosy atmosphere, and the draft beers we have tried (2 finish lagers and the Guinness) have always been good. The beers range in price but are around €7 to €9 for half a litre.

As I say, we have only eaten a few things here, but everything was very pleasant and good value for money. The other food looks good and there are often people eating. There is no reason why we do not eat here more other than that we are creatures of habit and have for some reason put this in the “drinks place” bracket.

If you are looking for a relaxing place for a drink and maybe some bar food on the other side of town to Sisko ja sen Veli, or just down (or up) the road from Sailor’s, then Pub Simon is a very good option.

Number of Visits

More than 10

Last Visit

February 2023

Dog Policy

All dogs welcome


If you are looking for other dog-friendly pubs in Tampere, check out Sisko ja sen Veli (no food), Pyynikin Brewhouse, Gastropub TuulensuuGastropub Nordic, or O’Connell’s.

Author: BTB