Sitko Pizza

This is a great extremely dog-friendly pizza and craft beer place that offers a wide selection of original and interesting sour-dough pizzas along with a huge selection of draft, bottled, and canned beers.  They also have some great cocktails, wines by the bottle, and a limited selection of good wines by the glass. Like Villit ja Viinit, the young staff are very friendly and seem passionate about what they do.

This dog-friendly restaurant only serves pizzas; there are no starters, sides, or main courses, but the pizzas are well worth the visit. There are about 14 different pizzas I think, or you can build your own. We have only tried 6 of the pizzas so far, 4 from the menu (Chilipizza, Puttanesca, Parma, Puutarhuri), and two specials (Fennel sausage, and a white pizza), but they have all been excellent, in fact, some of the best we have ever had. Not only have we always enjoyed the food here tremendously, but Bertie always gets snacks and plenty of room to sit, so it is one of his favourite places too!

The pizza base is amazing; thin but not too thin, chewy but not doughy, and a really nice crust. The tomato sauce base is also delicious, and they seem to use very high quality and well-prepared ingredients for the toppings. We are in love with the Chilipizza, especially the nduja-sausage and roasted pepper toppings, and this has limited our ability/willingness to try others!

The pizzas are good value in our opinion at around €15 each, and after sharing two pizzas we are always very full. If you ask the staff (actually they offered) they will prepare a “half-and-half” pizza where two pizzas are built onto one base, and we found it easier to share this way (and stops us arguing about who got more nduja😊). The beers vary greatly in price with the standard type draft beers priced at €6.90, but the more unusual craft beers can go up to over €12 a glass. The three wines sold by the glass go for about €8-10 and we have tried all of them and have found them all very nice and go well with the pizzas.

The food here has always been excellent and the service great (not just to us, but also for Bertie). The service is casual and friendly, but still very professional. They seem to know exactly when you want something and leave you alone when you do not; perfect. Again, like Villit ja Viinit, even though it is a relaxing place that does not break the bank, it feels like a bit of a special occasion when we go. Very highly recommended.

Number of Visits

More than 10

Last Visit

Jan 2023

Dog Policy

All dogs welcome


Author: BTB