Ravintola Kapteeninhuone

We have only eaten at Ravintola Kapteeninhuone once for lunch but very much enjoyed the food. The restaurant does not take dogs, but we were able to eat in the lobby of Hotel Kalliohovi, which was a comfortable space.

The lunch menu consists of three choices including one meat dish, a fish dish, and a salad, with prices ranging from around €12 to €18., In addition to the main, the restaurant offers an excellent “starter” buffet (€6), but this can also be ordered as a main (€12). The buffet table was extensive and included bread, soup, cold cuts, smoked fish, pasta salads and much more. As indicated in the name, the buffet served as lovely starter rather than a side, and the offerings were all very fresh and tasty. There was more than enough choice to enjoy the buffet as a main course, but for the main, we both went for the fish (€14), which was much more sophisticated than we had expected. I cannot remember what the fish was, but it was a perfectly cooked white fish served with a delicious sauce and a medley of vegetables. As stated above, it was very sophisticated in terms of presentation, and the taste was superb.

We washed the food down with two Finnish draught beers (€8 for half a litre), but there was also other drinks available including wines by the glass and bottle, and a decent selection of spirits.

In terms of value for money, we thought everything was very reasonable as the bill for 2 starters (buffet), 2 mains, and 2 draught beers was €56.

To sum up, on our only visit so far, we very much enjoyed the delicious food and drinks, and even though our dog was not welcome, the hotel lobby area was very comfortable and just what we needed after our drive from Tampere to Rauma. Highly recommended; if we do not eat here again it would just be because there are other places we want to visit in Rauma.

Number of visit1
Last visitOctober 2021
Dog policyDogs not allowed
Website(s)https://kapteeninhuone.fi/lounaslista/  &


Author: BTB