Tahdig (Persian Restaurant), Munich

Tahdig is a popular Persian restaurant in Munch with an extensive menu offering plenty of traditional dishes, some with a modern twist. The restaurant seems dog-friendly, but as we only asked about our dog, it may be best to call in advance to check. In warmer weather there is a terrace at the back of the restaurant.

This review will be quite short as we have only been once for dinner, I do not fully remember what we had, and while we very much enjoyed the food and drinks, we found the service during dinner a bit problematic, but it could have just been a bad night.

In terms of food, we shared a number of dishes including some breads and dips, a kebab platter, and a slow cooked lamb and chickpea stew. All of the food was clearly freshly made and very good. We found the breads much better/more suited to our tastes than in many Persian or Lebanese places we go; they were closer to a nan bread/rotti than the thin slightly dry breads we have had elsewhere. The dips were delicious, the kebabs flavoursome and tender, and the lamb and chickpea stew was also well-cooked, but possibly lacking in flavour for us (but we prefer strong tastes). All up, we were very satisfied with the food.

In terms of drinks, we enjoyed a couple very good cocktails, some cold and refreshing beers, and a very good glass of wine. All the drinks complimented the food very well.

As I say, the only issue we had was that the service was not as good as it could have been as throughout the evening, we had difficulty getting the servers attention. Thus, we often found ourselves waiting to order drinks or our next course (for food, maybe our fault for ordering in stages). Also, once ordered, the drinks took quite a while to arrive. However, the staff were very friendly and helpful when we made the reservation, were welcoming on arrival, and as I say, they were very busy and may have been short staffed, so do not let this put you off.

All up, we had a nice evening, especially in terms of food, drinks and atmosphere. Therefore, if you are in Munich with your furry travel companion and want some delicious Persian food and great drinks, Tahdig is worth a try. As we are not 100% sure of the dog policy indoors, if you are visiting when the terrace is not open, I recommend checking in advance.

Number of Visits1
Last VisitMay 2022
Dog PolicyOur dog was welcome
Author: BTB