Weißbräu Huber: Bavarian Pub & Restaurant, Freising

We have been to Weißbräu Huber about four or five times since 2020 and not only have we always had a fantastic experience, it is one of our favorite places to go, but that is admittedly somewhat down to sentimental reasons (See Freising Review). The staff at this traditional Bavarian pub have been consistently friendly and efficient, the food always delicious, drinks great, and the environment makes it just a wonderful place to be. Given how much we love this place, we would go here without our dog (as we did the first time), but the fact that they are dog-friendly provides us with an even better excuse to keep coming back!

We first discovered Weißbräu Huber when we decided to stay in Freising for a night instead of staying in one the airport hotels. As noted in the Mercure Hotel review, we stayed in Freising because the hotel was cheaper than other options and we thought enjoying a night in a small Bavarian town would feel more like an extension of our trip rather than an extension of our journey. This turned out to be one of the best travel decisions we have ever made!

Connected to this, let’s talk about the fantastic location and atmosphere. Weißbräu Huber is located in the picturesque center of Freising’s old town, which is very close to Munich airport. The pub, which is about 10-minute stroll from the Mercure hotel, is in a small square close to other bars and restaurants, and just a few minutes’ walk from some high-street shops. In winter, the interior, which has plenty of space for furry friends, offers an extremely welcoming and cozy environment to enjoy traditional but excellent Bavarian food and drinks. In the summer, there is a large and bustling outside area that provides a similar feel to one of the many famous beer gardens in Munich, just a bit less overwhelmingly crowded (which is better for us and our dog) with much higher-quality food.

Next, as I salivate at the thought, lets move on to the amazing Bavarian food! The menu is exhaustively broad, with a great selection of snacks, starters, salads, mains, sides, and a few deserts. This is not the best menu for vegetarians, but there are definitely options available. We are often wary of such large menus as we have found many places cannot offer so many choices at a good quality and skilful execution, but this does not seem to be the case with Weißbräu Huber. That being said, we are guilty of sticking to our “go to” dishes (described next), so do not have an extensive knowledge of the menu, but everything we have had has been consistently excellent, and all the other food we have seen being served looked similarly great quality. Consistency is something that many places struggle with, especially those who get as busy as Weißbräu Huber, but this has never been an issue here. We often think we have “hyped the food up in our mind” so will not enjoy it as much on the next visit, but then we just greedily devour everything with glee and wanton abandonment each time!

Now a little more about the specific food we have tried and keep going back to. We have had the Schnitzel (Schweineschnitzel Wiener Art) twice (currently €15.50) and the Bavarian roast pork with dark beer sauce, crackling and dumplings every time (€15.50 for large portion). We have also tried the Nürnberger (Nuremberg sausages with sauerkraut and bread – €9.90 for six sausages), the Weisswurst (white sausages – €2.90 each) with pretzels (€1.50 each), and a small portion of the meat and cheese platter with bread (Freisinger Brotzeitteller – €11.50). I will not go into fine detail as this post is already getting too gushing and long, but everything was perfect, and better than some of the more famous Bavarian places we have visited in Munich proper. If you are looking for traditional Bavarian food at reasonable prices, then this place is a must visit in our opinion.

Our drink experience is limited to a few of the local draft beers, one or two glasses of red wine, and a couple different glasses of schnapps, all of which were fantastic and reasonably priced. Well kept, well served, and matched the food perfectly.

In terms of service, just like the food and drinks, the service is also very consistent. No matter whether there has been just a few customers or the place was packed, we have always received a friendly greeting, been served efficiently (never needing to wait), received our food quickly, and left feeling that our business was appreciated.  

In summary, if you choose to stay in Freising and want one last chance to enjoy excellent Bavarian food and drinks, then Freising and Weißbräu Huber are a fantastic choice!

Number of Visits4 or 5
Last VisitDecember 2022
Dog PolicyAll dogs welcome

Author: BTB