Mercure Hotel Munich Airport, Freising

We have been to the Mercure Hotel Munich Airport about four or five times since 2020. We first discovered this hotel when we decided to stay in Freising for a night instead of staying in one the airport hotels. This decision was partly because the Mercure Hotel was considerably cheaper than the airport hotels, and it is only a 15–20-minute bus ride away (only 5 or 10 minutes longer than the more distant airport hotels). Also, we thought staying in a small town and going to an actual pub or restaurant there instead of staying in an airport hotel would feel more like an extension of our trip rather than an extension of our journey. We were not wrong, and Freising has become a destination in its own right for us!

The rooms are basic but spacious and comfortable, with clean linen, hot showers, and good WiFi etc. It is a cut above budget hotels like IBIS but is not a 5-star hotel either. The room has a mini-fridge, but not tea or coffee facilities or free water. The reception area has a small shop that stocks some alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, plus some snacks and microwaveable meals. There is also a restaurant in a separate building right next to the hotel, and while it looks very nice, we have never been, the reason being clear if you read the review of Weißbräu Huber.

All up, we have no complaints, especially given the extremely reasonable price and great location. As noted, it is about 10-minuted from the train station, bus station, and Freising old town; just far enough to stretch Bertie’s legs after a journey or great meal. For more details about how to get to the airport from Frezing (and vice versa) and to Freising from Munich, see the Munich Transport review.

In summary, if you are looking for (a) an alternative place to spend the night before flying out of Munich early in the morning (which offers an easy, quick and cheap journey to the airport) and (b) a last chance to enjoy excellent Bavarian food and drinks, then Freising and the Mercure Hotel Munich are a fantastic choice! Why stay in a bland airport hotel with over-priced mediocre food and drinks when you can finish (or start) your trip with a true Bavarian experience.

Number of Visits4 or 5
Last VisitDecember 2022
Dog PolicyAll dogs welcome
Author: BTB