BONKER Moodcourt, Tampere

The “BONKER Moodcourt” just behind Tampere train station and can be accessed almost without leaving the station. BONKER is not really a food court as there are only two restaurants (TNT – Tacos ‘n’ Tequila and Hoax) and one bar (Noob), but there are still plenty of tasty options for meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. We have visited this place only twice and have only eaten (and enjoyed) at TnT and sampled some good drinks from the bar, but very much enjoyed the experience both times. Also, given that they are totally dog-friendly, the staff were very welcoming, and the atmosphere is very fun and interesting, we thought a review is definitely warranted.

First, to our experience of the food at TNT (Tacos ‘n’ Tequila), which serves a variety of Mexican favourites including tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and other dishes I can neither spell or translate. We have only tried the tacos (al Pastor and chicken Tinga) which were very good, but the other food looked and smelled delicious. The tacos (€13.50 for 3) were fresh and very tasty, and as good if not close to, those offered at Stereo Street Food in Tallinn. I cannot really say much more that this as it was a while ago, and what can you say other than they were very good. But I will give it a go: the tortillas were fresh and soft, the fillings were tasty with a bit of spice (we would have liked more), and there was a good amount and balance. In addition to the food, the staff were very friendly and welcomed our dog with open arms (almost literally). Although we have not tried it, just for information sake, the other food outlet (Hoax) specializes in vegan “meat dishes” and serves, for example, vegan Korean fired chicken, kofta, various loaded fries, burgers and shawarmas. We have no experience with this kind of food, but everything looked great and it gets good reviews elsewhere.

Next, in terms of the drinks we enjoyed from the Noob bar, our experience is again limited, but we have no complaints. We enjoyed the cold and fresh draft beer (Lapin Kulta at the time) and a couple tequilas. I do not remember the price, but think they were fairly standard and do not remember thinking they were expensive. They also offer interesting cocktails, bottles and canned beers, spirits, wine, and soft drinks.

Finally, to the atmosphere. I think they are going for a kind of old school American pizza place with arcade games, and as someone who experienced these places as a child, I think they have done a great job. There are neon lights and lots of 80s and 90s arcade games that you can play by buying tokens from machine; great fun!!

To sum up, if you are in Tampere (with or without a furry companion) and looking for a fun and pretty unique place to enjoy Mexican food or modern vegan food, a few drinks, and possibly enjoy a blast from the past by playing some classic arcade games, then BONKER Moodcourt is for you.

Number of Visits2
Last VisitOctober 2022
Dog PolicyAll dogs welcome
Author: BTB