Augustiner am Platzl: Bavarian Pub & Restaurant (Tavern), Munich

We visited Augustiner am Platzl twice during our short trip to Munich in May 2022, once just for drinks and then the next day for lunch. We thoroughly enjoyed each visit here and found this dog-friendly traditional style Bavarian tavern a real treat, both in terms of food and drink and the service and atmosphere. Augustiner am Platzl is located in the heart of Munich’s city centre, on the famous ‘Platzl’ and is about a 5 or 10-minute stroll from the Frauenkirche cathedral and shops.

The staff at Augustiner am Platzl were friendly and helpful (giving great recommendations), our dog was welcome both on the terrace and inside, the food was delicious, the beer was great, and the atmosphere and location were just what we wanted.  Therefore, we think it is a wonderful place to enjoy some traditional Bavarian food near the old part of Munich centre. Given how much we enjoyed our visits here, like Weißbräu Huber in Freising, we would go here without our dog, but the fact that they are dog-friendly provides us with an even better excuse to go again!

On our first visit we just enjoyed a few too many beers on the lovely terrace, which is on a side street, so no car traffic to speak of. We only popped in to enjoy one beer, but enjoyed the drinks and welcoming and comfortable atmosphere so much we ended up staying a few hours and sampled a few different beers, all of which were excellent. On our second visit the day after, we started with a beer on the terrace, and then after finding out dogs are welcome inside, we moved to a table there so we could enjoy the traditional and homely atmosphere of the tavern. The interior, which has plenty of space for furry friends, offers a very welcoming and cosy environment to enjoy traditional and excellent Bavarian food and drinks. Both the terrace and inside area were equally enjoyable, so let the weather or your feelings decide on the day.

Next, as I develop cravings for another trip to Munich (and Freising), lets move on to the a bit of a description of the Bavarian food on offer. The menu is very broad, but maybe not quite so much as Weißbräu Huber in Freising, and also has a daily specials board. The menu offers a great selection of starters, soups, salads, mains, sides, and deserts with plenty of vegetarian dishes available. However, given that we only ate here once, we do not have an extensive knowledge of the menu, but everything we greedily and gleefully devoured was excellent, and all the other food we saw (and smelled) being served looked similarly great quality.

Now a little more about the specific food we thoroughly enjoyed. First off, we shared a traditional Munich pretzel (€1.30) with sweet mustard and a portion of Weisswurst, a white boiled Bavarian veal sausage (€5.90). We do not really have enough experience or knowledge to say if they are better than those offered elsewhere, but both of these were excellent (and as good as those at Weißbräu Huber) and very much complemented each other. Next, we shared two excellent mains, one from the regular menu and one from the specials board. The dish we had of the regular menu (from the vegetarian section) was Allgäu Käsespätzle (€12.90) which is “noodles gratinated with flavoursome mountain cheese, topped with crispy fried onions and served with a mixed salad”. This was a deliciously rich and decadent dish and as such, the fresh tangy side salad was an excellent accompaniment. The other dish we had came from the daily specials board, so I do not remember the name, but it was a kind of hash consisting of pan-fried potatoes and onions and pieces of roast pork, topped with a fried egg (about €14 if memory serves). This was a simple dish but very flavoursome and well executed, and again, we thoroughly enjoyed it. As noted, our experience (and knowledge) is very limited, but based on what we ate and saw being served, the food here seems great and I think much better than you would get in the more touristy places a block or two closer to the centre, and also probably cheaper.

Next, in terms of drinks, our experience is limited to a few of the local draft beers, but all of them were delicious and reasonably priced. Traditional Bavarian style beers which were well kept, well served, and matched the food perfectly.

To sum up, if you are in Munich and heading towards the ‘Platzl’ and Frauenkirche cathedral area and want to try some excellent Bavarian cuisine and drinks in a dog-friendly and welcoming atmosphere, then we highly recommend Augustiner am Platzl.

Number of Visits1
Last VisitMay 2022
Dog PolicyAll dogs welcome
Author: BTB