Antika (Greek Restaurant)

We have only been to this lovely Greek restaurant once for dinner, so our experience and knowledge of Antika is extremely limited, however, we had a lovely evening. Also, while we are not sure about the dog policy, the fact that they brought him a water bowl intimates that they are used to and willing to host your furry friend(s).

As stated above, we have only been here once so far, but based on the menu, Antika offers an interesting selection of food, plus a small selection of bottled beers, some wines by the glass and bottle, cocktails, and other drinks. While it is classified as a Greek restaurant and does have some traditional Greek dishes, they also seem to specialize in steaks. On our visit, we thoroughly enjoyed the food and drinks, they welcomed our dog, and we found the restaurant very comfortable with extremely friendly staff. As you will see from the review below, we will definitely be going again.

In terms of food, the menu offers a limited selection of starters (4 to be exact) along with a number of mains that includes two fish dishes, one chicken dish, a Moussaka, and a “Greek vegetable pot”, but as noted above, they seem to specialize in Steaks, which is why we went actually. Overall, the menu is not so vegetarian friendly, but 3 of the starters are vegetarian and there is one veggie main. We had two of the starters, both of which were lovely, and I think the starter selection could constitute/make up a very pleasant 2 or 3 course meal for non-meat eaters.   

To start with, we had the Greek salad (€8) and the Dolmades (€6) both of which were very tasty. The salad was very fresh, plentiful, and came with soft, warm pitta breads, and the dolmades were very well seasoned with a nice feta flavour running through the rice filling.  

For the main, we shared two fillet steaks (as I say, we primarily came for the steak), both of which were excellent. We took the staff members recommendation on the steaks, both in terms of choice and how they were cooked (medium). We had the Ifestos Pepper Steak (€30) and Agamemnon steak (€28). Both steaks were absolutely delicious; very flavoursome, tender, and cooked to perfection. The pepper steak was served with a cognac cream sauce, roast vegetables, and French fries. The Agamemnon steak was served with a garlic herb butter, roasted vegetables and parmesan-topped French fries.

Our only issue with the food was that the cognac cream sauce was a little too sweet for us, but we think that is more our issue than the sauce’s. The French fries were a standard frozen chip, but they were very crispy and a very handsome portion (actually too much for us).  All in all, we were extremely satisfied, and the steaks themselves were some of the best we have had anywhere.

In terms of drinks, we each just had a couple bottles of Greek beer (Mythos) and then finished with a very smooth and delicious Ouzo. The beers were cold and crisp and went down a treat, and the Ouzo finished the meal off perfectly. Drinks were good value in our opinion; the beers were €6.50 each and the Ouzo very similar (€6.60).

Either way, given that the bill for 2 very pleasant starters, 2 excellent fillet steaks, 4 nice cold beers, and a delicious Ouzo was just under €105, we thought it was excellent value for money.

Overall, while our experience is very limited, we thought Antika was a very comfortable and pleasant dog-friendly venue with very tasty and well-prepared food, good drinks, and very friendly staff. We left Antika very happy and look forward to our next visit.

Whilst a little tucked away, the restaurant is only 5-10 minutes walk from the station, and well worth searching for.

Number of Visits1
Last VisitFebruary 2021
Dog PolicyOur dog was welcome
Author: BTB