Villit ja Viinit

This is a very cosy and friendly dog-friendly wine bar that offers a great selection of original cocktails, wines, Finnish craft beers (bottles) and spirits along with a limited selection of excellent quality small dishes cooked in front of you at the bar. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, and seem very passionate about what they do.

Both the drink and food offerings change once or twice a month and there are usually 3 or 4 original cocktails, a few wines and beers, and 4 small food dishes. The cocktails and glasses of wine are priced at around €10 each, bottled beers are a bit cheaper, and the food is priced at between €10 and €12 per dish. We have found that when the two of us eat all 4 dishes we are usually very full.

The food has always been super interesting, delicious, and quite unique; not like anything we have had anywhere else. As I say, the menu changes, but there always seems to be a cheese plate made up of a selection of excellent Finnish cheeses and homemade bread, butter and jam/conserve. There is also often a risotto on offer, and we have found them all to be excellent (the most recent was a beetroot risotto). Other dishes we have enjoyed include soups, gnocchi, and lamb tartare. Overall, the food has the quality of a great restaurant, but served in a casual and relaxing wine bar setting.

Not only are the food and drinks excellent, the staff are very friendly, and the place is very comfortable. Like Sitko Pizza, the young staff are very passionate about what they do, and even though it is a relaxing place that does not break the bank, it feels like a special occasion every time we go there. Very highly recommended.

Number of VisitsMore than 5
Last VisitJanuary 2022
Dog PolicyAll dogs welcome

Author: BTB