Chinese Restaurant Han’s: Tallinn

Han’s is a great dog-friendly Sichuan restaurant in Tallinn with great and authentic food, friendly and efficient staff, and plenty of space for furry friends. Chinese Restaurant Han’s is located quite far out of Tallinn’s old town (about 20-25 minutes walk, or a short bus ride and a 10-minute walk), but worth the trip!!!

We have been here twice and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves each time, eating way more food than we should have!! We have had so many dishes on our two visits that I will not list them all, but everything has so far been delicious. For example, the Chilli Chicken, Pork with Sichuan style sauce, Fried noodles, and Fried rice were all fantastic, as was the Cucumber salad. Each dish had its own unique flavour and the quality of ingredients was excellent. The portions are generous, hence we ended up very full and still had enough left over for a doggy bag!!

In terms of drinks, we have just stuck to the draft and bottled lagers, which were good and reasonably priced, but perhaps not as icy cold as we like.

All the food and drinks were more than reasonably priced with the bill being €77 on our first trip and €80 on our second. Bare in mind we ate a lot and washed it down with plenty of drinks!!!

All up, we love Han’s for its authenticity and place it up there with Spicy Temptation in Rotterdam, and think it has the edge on Old Hong Kong in Riga (but that is mainly because we prefer Sichuan flavours). While Chedi in Tallinn comes highly recommended, it offers a different experience: Chedi provides delicious and refined Chinese food in an upmarket setting (and prices), whereas Han’s offers excellent authentic food at very reasonable prices. Thus, choose your beast based on what kind of evening (or lunch) you are looking for.

In summary, Chinese Restaurant Han’s is an excellent and very reasonably priced dog-friendly option for those looking for authentic Sichuan food whilst in Tallinn; must try!

Number of visits2
Last VisitOctober 2023
Dog PolicyAll dogs welcome
Author: BTB