The South Indian – Rådmansgatan:Stockholm

The South Indian Restaurant in Stockholm is a good little dog-friendly Indian restaurant in Stockholm (and Helsinki) specializing in Dosa and other southern Indian foods.

We have only been here once, and while we enjoyed the experience and food overall, not everything we ordered was good. Therefore, we recommend sticking to the Dosas and some other house specialties, much like everyone else seemed to be doing.

The standout dishes for us were the dosa and the chicken biryani. First, the dosa was excellent and as good as many we have had in India and elsewhere (Singapore for example), but while the chutneys were tasty, they were not the best we have had. Next, the chicken biryani was also great; very tasty and with plenty of aromatics and tender chicken. In addition, we also had a perfectly pleasant pea and cheese curry, but it did not stand out as being any better (or worse) than many we have had elsewhere.

The biggest disappointment, or possibly insult, was the Chicken Tikka! It was simply awful; some kind of tasteless red chicken obviously cooked in an air fryer. We cannot say much about the drinks other than there was no draft beer, and the bottles of beer could have been colder.

In summary, if you are looking for a dog-friendly place in Stockholm to enjoy a great Dosa (which is often hard to find), excellent biryani, and a curry or two, the South Indian is highly recommended. If you are looking for tikkas and grilled items, then let us know if you find somewhere.

Number of Visits1
Last VisitNovember 2023
Dog PolicyAll dogs welcome

Side Note: We went to the Helsinki restaurant a few years ago and had an excellent experience. We will add a review when we go back.

Author: BTB