Koski Baari (Siuro)

We have only been here twice, for lunch, so our experience and knowledge of Koski Baari is limited, however, we had a thoroughly enjoyable time and will definitely be going back. Koski Baari, which is in a lovely setting about 30-miunted drive from Tampere, mainly offers pizzas and beers, but also has some burgers and other food as well as more drinks.

On our visits, we went on a sunny day in late May (2021) and mid-April (2022) and sat on the terrace overlooking the river and glass works. It is a lovely place to sit and enjoy the nice weather and some picturesque Finnish nature. The staff were very friendly and the whole place had a really comfortable and laid-back feeling. Even though it is only a 25-30-minute drive from Tampere city centre, it felt like we were really in the countryside.

First, to the dog policy; all dogs are welcome on the terrace but dogs are only allowed inside if it is not too busy. I think this is more of a space issue than anything else. As it was busy and the tables are quite close together, there is not so much space for the dogs, so it could be a little challenging for big dogs.

Next, in terms of food, as noted above, Koski Baari serves mainly pizzas, but there are also a few burgers, some salads, and other snacks such as chicken wings. On our first visit, we opted for chicken wings to start, then shared a burger and a pizza for mains. The chicken wings (€9.20 for 10) were by no means the best we have had because while they were crispy and tasty, the “spicy” sauce had no heat at all. So, if you are a wing aficionado, maybe stay away from these, but if you want a tasty enough snack in a lovely setting, dig in! Next, the burger (€14.90) was simple but delicious; nice firm bun that was not too sweet, a tasty Finnish beef patty, and fresh flavoursome toppings that included bacon, cheese, mayo, salad and pickles. The accompanying fries were great; very crispy, well-seasoned, and plentiful. Lastly, while it will not win any awards and is not as good as the pizza in Sitko, the pizza (€12.40) was very good, especially given the setting. The base was thinner than we usually prefer but was both crispy and chewy, not limp or too crunchy like many thin pizzas we have had. The sauce was pleasant, and the toppings were tasty and had just the right amount for us. All in all, we very much enjoyed the food and had no complaints, again, especially given the fantastic setting and friendly staff. On our second visit, we had two pizzas, and again found them both very enjoyable, especially in the lovely setting!

As for drinks, they have a couple drafts, but the fridges were stocked with a plethora of other beers and ciders, and I noticed that they offer wine by the glass and bottle. On our visits, we stuck with the draft lager (Aura: €6.50 for 500 ml) which went down a treat; very cold, clean and crisp. The other customers seemed to be enjoying many of the other offerings, and everyone seemed very happy.

In summary, we think Koski Baari is a lovely place with tasty and well-prepared food, nice beers, and friendly staff. After a long winter and ongoing Covid pandemic, our visits here were a shot in the arm, and we will definitely be going back soon. In addition, everything was great value for money; €62.50 for wings, a burger, a pizza, and four draft beers. We left both times very happy and highly recommend this place to those who want some simple but tasty food in a countryside location without having to travel too far from Tampere.

Number of Visits2
Last VistApril 2022
Dog PolicyAll dogs welcome on the terrace, but only insdie if it is not too busy

Author: BTB