Brewery Restaurant Plevna

This is a very nice German-style restaurant that takes dogs in the indoor terrace, but not in the main restaurant. The “terrace” is not really a terrace, but is a glassed extension to the original building. Either way, it is a very comfortable space that had plenty of room for us Bertie. We usually sit at a table with bench seating on one side, as the bench is very good for Bertie.

The main restaurant has a very German bar feel, but the terrace is a bit more neutral. Plevna, much like Pyynikin, offers an extensive selection of their own draft beers and a wide selection of food choices. It also offers wines, cocktails, and bottled beers (I think), but so far, we have stuck to the very nice draft beer. The draft beers range in price, but most are around €8 to €9 for half a litre.

The German-style food menu is quite extensive and although it is fairly meat-focused, there are also some very pleasant sounding fish and vegetarian options. Also, there are some Finnish influences, for example, the smoked fish starters and salmon soup. However, we have only eaten here a few times so far so our knowledge of the menu is still very limited. Also, we have only been for lunch so did not have any starters or dessert (we are not big dessert eaters as I think is evident from the lack of mention of deserts on this site).

On our first visit, we only had a serving home-made bread and garlic butter, and two main courses; meatballs and a sausage platter. The bread and butter were very nice, the meatballs were excellent, and the two types of sausages were as good as we have had in Germany. The dishes were served with mashed potato and two kinds of sauerkraut, all of which were delicious. The meatballs were around €11, and the sausage plate was about €12, and we found this to be good value. On subsequent visits, we have tried the fried plate (fried chicken, onions rings, fries etc.), and the sausage platter (three types of sausages), both of which were very nice. In addition, we have had the Schnitzel and while it was moist and flavoursome with an interesting and tasty sauce, we still think the Tuulensuu Schnitzel is better.

It should be noted that German food is not one of our “go-to choices” and while we have eaten this type of food in a few places, the most noteworthy being Weißbräu Huber in Freising and a couple places in Munich, our experience of this type of cuisine is limited.

Nevertheless, we have always had a very nice experience here and spent many comfortable afternoons enjoying some nice food and good beers, all served by very efficient and friendly staff. If you are looking for a comfortable place to go (with or without your furry friend) and enjoy German-style food and beers, we highly recommend Plevna. Given its location, it is also a great place for a pre-dinner drink before going to Nanda Devi for a good Indian meal.

Number of Visits More than 10
Last VisitMarch 2023
Dog PolicyAll dogs welcome (In terrace)

Author: BTB